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The way to Get Even with Your automobile Insurance company In ten Uncomplicated Measures – Aspect 2

Partly one, we comprehensive the initial 5 methods on how to slash your vehicle insurance charges.singapore insurance companies Partly two, we teach you the second five.

Action six – Critique, Improve or Terminate No Fault & PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

No-Fault Coverage, and it’s Twin – PIP – started out as great idea’s. Your premiums were actually going to be lowered. Then, your State Politicians got involved (at the urging of Insurance policies Lobbyists, of course) and mucked it up.

You see, no-fault insurance policies coverage was originally intended to have each individual’s losses, covered by their own motor vehicle insurance provider – no matter who was at fault.

Today, in many States, motor vehicle insurance plan companies are making a ton of money on no-fault because the insurance plan companies convinced State law-makers to make “modifications.”

Today, because of the these changes, automobile insurance policy companies have actually used the no-fault laws to reduce payments on a claim made by a customer, instead of reducing car or truck insurance premiums as it was supposed to do.

So, premiums keep going up-and-up and coverage companies end up paying less for claims – Someone’s getting rich on that deal….and it’s not you.

And to make matters worse, some States (with really, really talented Insurance coverage Lobbyist’s) also require an additional premium be paid on top of the no-fault premium. This beauty is called Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

PIP is a “wide-blanket” of coverage and can provide Collision Coverage, Hospitalization, Social Security Disability, Workers Comp, Personal Disability Insurance plan & Life Coverage.

The problem with PIP and what it covers is….

You already gave most, if not all, of these coverage’s anyway, don’t you? So, you’re paying twice!

So, you need to do a couple of things:

Google “minimum levels of required auto insurance” to see if No-Fault Insurance policy and/or PIP Is required in your State;

Then, check your policy. If it’s not required by your State to have No-Fault/PIP Coverage and it’s on your policy – cancel it. If No-Fault/PIP is required by your State….take the absolute minimum. Here’s how.

If you must have No-Fault/PIP, ask for and get a deductible from your automobile insurance provider.

Move 7 – Terminate Medical Coverage.

Medical Coverage, on most car or truck insurance plan policies, is a promise to pay “reasonable” medical expenses for anyone who is riding in your car should you have an accident…as well as anyone in your automobile should it get hit by someone else.